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Confidential settlement for client X who was a pretrial detainee incarcerated in a Florida County Jail on a misdemeanor charge. The county had contracted out the responsibility for providing healthcare to inmates to an out of state national company. Client X had a history of panic disorder and panic attacks for which he took a high dosage of alprazolam under the supervision of his physicians for ten years. Jail medical personnel knew of client X’s use of this medication and deliberately failed to continue it within the jail setting. Jail personnel did not make any attempt to taper client X off of this highly addictive medication, despite the known risk of serious side effects of withdrawal, including seizure. After four days in custody, client X began to suffer from serious withdrawal and ultimately seizure due to medical personnel’s failure to monitor client X for withdrawal, despite a physician order to do so.

Jail medical personnel continued to ignore client X and failed to give him withdrawal medications ordered after the first seizure by the jail psychiatrist. As a result of the seizure, client X suffered from a dislocated and severely fractured (comminuted) humeral head as well as fractured vertebrae. Jail medical staff waited over 33 days before sending the client X to the hospital for x-rays and treatment despite repeated written pleas for help.

This matter was litigated for over two years in Federal Court and included a claim for punitive damages. The case settled two days prior to the commencement of trial in Federal Court for a confidential amount.

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