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$235,000.00 settlement for a client that was rear ended by a drunk driver on the Howard Franklin Bridge resulting in a neck injury necessitating radiofrequency nerve ablation procedure.

$225,000.00 combined settlement for two accidents within short period of time resulting in minimally invasive back surgery.

$202,500.00 settlement for client involved in multiple car pile up. Client injury knee necessitating surgery.

$165,000.00 settlement for a client rear-ended by fully loaded dump truck driven by unlicensed driver. The client sustained a cervical disc herniation that was non-surgical. Client had arthroscopic shoulder surgery with excellent recovery.

$150,000.00 combined settlement for teenage girl who was injured as a passenger in her mother’s vehicle when a vehicle made a left turn in front of her vehicle. Client L had arthroscopic shoulder surgery on both shoulders and returned to her pre-injury status.

$130,000 UM/UIM policy limit settlement for client injured in low impact rear end collision. Client had back surgery one year prior to the accident and his back was re-injured during the impact necessitating a second lumbar fusion and subsequent third back surgery. Our client was unable to return to his job as a result of this accident. The case was initially handled by another Pinellas county law firm that is a major advertiser. The case was almost settled by the initial firm for $15,000.00 after the initial law firm informed the client that

$15,000.00 in UM coverage was “all the insurance available to them” and that “they should take it”. Further investigation by our firm revealed the existence of another policy in the household with limits of $100,000.00. Additionally, the initially discovered policy was a stacked policy affording $30,000.00 in coverage for a total of $130,000.00. Mr. Harland was successful in getting the insurance company to quickly tender their limits of $130,000.00 after discovering the additional insurance available. Had the insurance company not paid their limits, suit would have been filed wherein we would have sought to recover the full measure of our client’s injuries which we believed to be well in excess of $1 million dollars.

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