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Crashes that produce little to no property damage can often time produce significant permanent injury to the occupants of a motor vehicle. Today’s bumpers are designed to withstand fairly significant impacts, while producing little to no damage to the vehicle in many instances.

Insurance companies realize the difficulty this dilemma presents to people in proving the seriousness of their injuries and more importantly the difficulty in proving the injuries were actually caused by the car accident and are permanent in nature.

Our firm has had tremendous success in achieving justice for individuals and families that have sustained significant permanent injuries in these types of cases. The following is a sampling of our success in these types of cases:

$177,500 settlement. Our client was rear ended while at a complete stop. She had injuries to her neck and shoulder and required surgery on her shoulder. There as little to no visible damage to her vehicle.

$80,000.00 policy limits settlement. Client S was the restrained driver of his vehicle stopped at a red light and was rear-ended. There was no damage to Client S’s vehicle. Client S immediately began to experience neck and shoulder pain and began receiving medical treatment the following day. Eventually, client S was sent out for an MRI and it revealed four herniated discs in client S’s neck. Client S was examined by an orthopedic surgeon who recommended surgery and determined that the accident was the cause of the injury given the fact that the client S had no prior history of neck pain. The driver that hit client S had $30,000.00 in liability insurance which was paid by the at fault driver’s insurance company. Client S had uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in the amount of $50,000.00. We were able to obtain client S’s $50,000.00 policy limit for a total recovery of $80,000.00 or all available insurance coverage. While we feel that client S’s case was worth significantly more than the available insurance due to the seriousness of the injury sustained the insurance company opted to settle the case when presented with our demand for settlement.

$60,000.00 policy limits settlement. Client M was injured when she was rear-ended while stopped on the interstate in heavy traffic. Client M’s vehicle had no visible damage. Despite the lack of property damage, client M had herniated disks in her cervical, lumbar and thoracic spine. Client M recovered the policy limits of $50,000.00 from the party that hit her and another $10,000.00 from her insurance company under the underinsured motorist coverage she carried. Client M recovered the limits of all available insurance.

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