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Auto Accidents

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Injuries from auto accidents can cause a lifetime of pain, medical treatment and expense, loss of the ability to work or a shortened career from car crash related injuries, which often get worse with time and age. Fortunately, most auto accidents do not result in catastrophic injuries, but the resulting injuries can significantly interfere with quality of life and the ability to enjoy a life pain free. Our mission here at the Harland Law Firm is to obtain money to compensate our clients for what has been taken from them. This principle is a recognized tenet of our legal system; if you break something, you pay for it.

Why you may need us? When you are injured in a car crash, you most likely will be dealing with the at fault driver’s insurance company. Over the years, insurance carriers have figured out that there are many lawyers out there who will convince their clients to take less than fair value for their case, to avoid having to file a lawsuit and do actual legal work. This has driven down the value of what insurance companies are willing to pay to settle cases early on. This along with insurance companies tightening up on paying claims has caused many more auto accidents cases to go into litigation (filing a lawsuit). Essentially, you need a lawyer that is competent to be able to take a case from very first day you meet your lawyer, all the way through trial and maybe even an appeal. We are that firm. Our results speak to this.

What you get by hiring the Harland Law Firm?
When you hire our firm, you hire me. I have over sixteen years of experience handling all types of liability related cases, with an emphasis on auto accidents. I have tried these cases and have the experience trial results to guide my clients through this process so they can make the best, well informed decision about their case.

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