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Unpaid Overtime and Wage and Hour Disputes

Unpaid Overtime, Harland Law Firm

Unpaid overtime is an increasing trend across the state of Florida and the country.

Employers know that the job market today is not what it used be and if you are like most you are just thankful to have a job.

Employers across the state of Florida and the U.S. are exploiting this fear of job loss and expecting employees like you to work unpaid overtime. The fear of losing your job prevents you from standing up for your right to overtime pay.

Overtime pay should be equal to one and half times your normal hourly wage for each hour you work over 40 hours per pay week. Stop being a victim; your employer may have thousands of dollars of unpaid overtime that is owed to you!

Do not continue to be a victim of unpaid overtime. You worked hard and should expect to be paid fairly. Stand up for your right to collect your unpaid overtime.

Our law firm represents employees who have been victimized by their employer’s failure to follow the federal labor laws outlined in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA Law)requiring payment of overtime pay. We handle class action and collective action cases where the employer’s decision to not pay overtime affects an entire class of employees who are purposely not paid fairly.

At The Law Firm of Patrick W. Harland, Jr., LLC, you will get the benefit of an experienced Civil Trial Lawyer who specializes in collecting unpaid wages and unpaid overtime.

The Law Firm of Patrick W. Harland, Jr., LLC handles cases involving:

  • Unpaid overtime – Generally if you work more then forty hours per week you are entitled to overtime pay.
  • Improperly calculated overtime – Overtime pay should equal one and a half times your hourly wage for each hour worked over forty hours per pay week.
  • Unpaid wages – When you agreed to become an employee your employer agreed that they would pay you a specific amount of money. If you work you deserve to be paid and paid fairly as your employer agreed.
  • Incorrect employee classifications – Employers have tried to label some employees as supervisor or manager and thus put them on a salary pay basis thinking that they will not have to pay you overtime wages if you worked over forty hours. This is usually not the case and if you have unpaid overtime it is your right to paid the money owed to you.
  • Collective Actions under the FLSA – If your rights have been violated and you have not been paid, are due unpaid overtime, or have been paid an unfair overtime wage. Chances are your collegues have suffered from the same unfair treatment. Together we can collectively recover your unpaid overtime and wages from your common employer.

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