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Boating Accidents

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Florida is a paradise for boaters. With over 20 million people living in the State and the largest coastline in the lower 48, Florida can boast that it is the boating capital of the United States. While boating can provide for endless enjoyment, scenery, and relaxation, it unfortunately can have a deadly side too, when boat operators make mistakes and/or use bad judgment. Boating accidents can occur as a result of inexperience, use of drugs or alcohol and a combination of these events. Often times the consequences are catastrophic or worse, fatal. As a former member of the United States Coast Guard, I have seen first-hand, the damage that can be caused due to inexperience and bad judgment on the water. Legal cases for injuries as a result of a boating accident require specialized knowledge, as the laws applicable on land are often entirely different when dealing with maritime injuries. Failing to hire a lawyer without the requisite knowledge can add further insult to injury. Our firm has the experience to guide you successfully through this type of legal matter. Cruise ship injuries are also prevalent in the sunshine state and our firm is experienced in dealing with these matters too. These cases often have a very short time within which to begin legal action so do not delay and contact us immediately if you have been injured on a cruise ship and wish to discuss your legal rights.

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