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Motorcycle Accident

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A Motorcycle Accident typically involve catastrophic damages with very little insurance compared to the injuries sustained. We have had tremendous success handling these cases, which require special legal skills to maximize client recovery. A Motorcycle Accident usually causes a lifetime of pain, medical treatment and expense, loss of the ability to work or a shortened career from motorcycle accident related injuries. Our mission here at the Harland Law Firm is to obtain maximum recovery to compensate our clients for what has been taken from them, which is often substantial.

Why you may need us? When you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you will most likely will be dealing with a situation in which the at fault driver does not have adequate insurance and the at fault party’s insurance company is attempting to pay the claim as promptly as possible. This can result in other sources of recovery being forever lost when you settle quickly without the advice of legal counsel. Essentially, you need a lawyer that knows how to think outside the box to maximize your recovery for what are most likely catastrophic injuries. We are that firm. Often times that requires a firm who is willing to go the distance all the way through trial and maybe even an appeal. We are that firm. Our results speak to this.

What you get by hiring the Harland Law Firm?

When you hire our firm, you hire me. I have over sixteen years of experience handling all types of liability related cases, with an emphasis on car and motorcycle accidents. I have tried these cases and have the experience and trial results to guide my clients through this process so they can make the best, well informed decision about their case.

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